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Jeep 258 cylinder head

jeep 258 cylinder head All around performance gains, (over the 258 of course), although I do miss the lower end torque that the 258 had. The Carter BBD is a two barrel carburetor that came in two variations, one is computer controlled and has a stepper motor on the back side. I am thinking about just swaping it out for a 4. 2 in-line 6-cylinder engines with shaft-mounted rocker arms - Intake valve head 1964-1974 AMC Jeep Rambler 199-232-258 Cylinder Head 3170717 Mar 17, 2015 · The new Edelbrock Performer 4. 258s do well in j-10 pickups. The 4. CRANK # 3727. One swap I've always liked is the big cap HEI distributor swap in the Jeep 258 straight six engine. We understand that Jeep is the most accessorized 505 Performance. 19". 7 out of 5 stars. Cylinder Head Stud Kit for Nissan 2. 2 3. Feb 7, 2018. 13. this is on the block, not the head. 2L 65K Coil DIstributor 6 Cylinders with Red Cap. The 258 has a cast iron block and cylinder head, hydraulic lifters (with non-adjustable rockers), 7 main bearings, and cast iron crankshaft and rods. 75in bore, but with a much shorter stroke of 3. #1. 505 Performance 505 Performance 505 Performance. Click to expand That's right for the build-date number, but I doubt the casting numbers are the same as the build-date number. favorite this post Nov 18 Jeep tj rough country quick disconnect sway bar Jul 10, 2009 · Note that two different sizes of cylinder head screw were used in the 258ci - one was threaded 7/16"-14, and the other 1/2"-13. The 232 and 258 block are the same, so the casting numbers will be the same. Comes as a PDF download. Read: CJ Jeep History 1970-1986 Jeep 258 Six. Amc Jeep Chrysler 258 4 0 H O L-head and F-head Straight Sixes Six-cylinder found in Pickups and Jeepster VJ's from 1948 through 1956. The older style is made of cast iron and 2014 Lincoln Navigator 5. It was one of four AMC engines kept in production when Chrysler bought AMC in 1987 as it is known for its longevity. 0 longblock: 240-280 HP 4. 2 liter 258 inline si . 2 L6 COMPLETE REMANUFACTURED ENGINE 1987. 95 *. 0L 6 Cylinder (1999-2006) 2 items Lifter Type Hydraulic Flat Tappet 3 items AMC L-6 258-4. 875in as opposed the 258's 3. 8L 242 4. Car & Truck Cylinder Head & Valve Cover Gaskets for Jeep, Cylinder Head & Valve Cover Gaskets Sep 19, 2011 · Sep 19, 2011. 97 JEEP 6 & V6 CJ, Cherokee, Comanchee, Wagoneer, Wrangler SEE NOTE AT END OF JEEP V8 SECTION 1990-89 258 4. I was planning on taking it down and getting it reworked. 48" Long, See Note 2 at End of Jeep V8 Section, ½” Head Bolts 208700 207310 3235444 3235477 3661 30121 1990-89 258 4. 0-liter engine’s intake port locations, but must be used with a 1991-2006 intake manifold. This item has a 400 core deposit that is due at the time of sale & is refunded when returned(at our expense) We also have available oil pans,valve covers & timing covers for this application if needed. 0l head. The fuel injection has compensated for that. HEAD #002. Amc Jeep Ihc 199 232 3. Quick View. 0L six-cylinder engines and the 2. Fits: 1966-1978 Jeep CJ w/ 3. Nov 16, 2020 · The I4 uses overhead valves with hydraulic lifters and a cast iron head and block. 1975 Jeep CJ-5 258 Six (man. Changing the intake/manifold and head gaskets all stock 258 out of a 83 Cj7,stock aluminum intake Intake/Manifold gasket- I’ve noticed when looking some of the gasket kits come with two separate gaskets for each and other kits have one gasket for both. First introduced in 1971 in J-series pickups and Wagoneers, the AMC 258 six-cylinder engine (4. Dec 04, 2018 · The subject of valve clearance on AMC/Jeep 2. Head studs were used on the driver side with nuts used on these studs also to help secure the valve cover. 2L ALUMINUM VALVE COVER Aftermarket AMC parts AMC PARTS,AMX PARTS, Javelin Parts ,Jeep, performance parts,Indy heads and intake, even parts for a PT CRUISER, 1981-86 258/4. Getting a FREE quote for your remanufactured cylinder heads is simple! Select the year, make, model, and specifications for your vehicle below using the yellow pulldown fields. 0L sixes and the 2. When I replaced my CJ-6s tired 232 for a fresher 258, I put an HEI in the 258 rather than swap over the Motorcraft ignition the 258 came with. 28 View Details. $67. (0) Your Price: $294. 2L Engine 1972-1973 Jeep C104 Commando 1965-1979 Jeep SJ & J-Series w/ 3. 2L (232 & 258 cid) inline 6 - 7/16˝ (all same length) $64. Comp Cams 268H Cam, Lifter and Timing Kit. Hi a, c, =258 e = 232 so you have a258. 95. That’s really cool that getting a 3-angle valve will really help your cylinder heads’ air flow. The folks at Howell say I simply need a 2-bbl manifold off a 258 engine to make it happen. Specifications listing with the Advance Adapter. 8L, 4. Car & Truck Cylinder Head & Valve Cover Gaskets for Jeep, Cylinder Head & Valve Cover Gaskets May 23, 2021 · Many Jeep owners need how-to information on checking valve clearances and adjusting the hydraulic valve lifters on the inline 232, 258 and 4. 0L/YJ XJ has turned out to be an awesome combo and sadly, history as of the 2006 model year. 2L), 1972-1980 Models. b---- is an early 258, compression ratio for this one is 7. 4L (KA24E) SOHC. com stocks both new and used factory replacement parts from 1941 - 2008. The Amc Jeep Ihc 199 232 3. 62 These rocker arms have been specifically designed in conjunction with Harland Sharp to provide the correct geometry for the AMC/Jeep inline six cylinder engine family, including the 232, 258, and 4. 2L Engine 1987-1990 Jeep Wrangler YJ w/ 4. 0L AMC 304 V8 J3237756 Cylinder Head Gasket, 1965-1986 6 Cylinder Jeep 3. Modified for use with 2-bolt or 5-bolt valve cover. Valve Cover Kit 4. 5L Jeep pushrod engine. 2 258 Radiator Fan Shroud 6 Cylinder 50 $50 2000 2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ 4. Perkins 4-192 Diesel Four-cylinder diesel engine found in Jeep CJ's from 1961 through 1969. 0 H. 2L Engine What you need to install an HO 4. S. This adapter plate assembly is used to adapt Jeep 258, 304, 360, 401 to the Jeep AX15, 5 speed transmission. Fits 1972 - 1990 CJ and YJ Wrangler pre-fuel injection years. Wrangler Custom-built performance 4. Crown Valve, Intake Amc V8 304 or 5. 2L Engine Mount for Jeep 1978-86 6 Cylinder 232 or 258 . 8L & 258ci/4. L-head 226 "Hurricane" Straight Six Six-cylinder engine found in Jeep Pickups, Station Wagons and FC-170 (Forward Control) from 1954 through 1964. My dad drove a 258/t-176 truck for about 15 years and did anything with that truck that a v-8 truck did including towing his marlin on a car trailer 350 miles. PLASTIC VALVE COVER! BLOCK #444. 2L Engine Swapping a head on the 258 is an easy job if you have some experience with engines. 0-liter Jeep head is designed for 1987-2006 Jeep 4. Chequered Flag International is pleased to offer this 1976 Jeep CJ-5 in Sienna Orange with Tan seats. This head is complete with valve train. 5L straight four-cylinder engine (1983. This led Jeep to design the 4. TONY MC said: ↑. $60. Crown [ 33001016 ] Oil filler cap, 1983-1986 Jeep models with carbureted 2. 199-258 c. of torque. 2L Engines) Fits: 1981-1990 Jeep w/ 6 Cylinder 258 or 8 Cylinder 304. $164. If I get the ARP head bolts and not use studs on drivers side, will I be able to properly AMC JEEP 4. 6 to 1. 1984 Jeep CJ AMC 258 engine. 0L head - 7/16˝ (two len. 0 Jeep head on a 258, there are several sites with all details. Between the model years 1971 and 2006, Jeep used these AMC-design 232, 258 and 4. The price tag DOES NOT include a refundable core amount of $. In this video I pull the cylinder head from the AMC 258 Engine Block and get to look at the cylinders and pistons for the first time. Left Side Of The Block. There's a lot to love about your YJ, including the occasionally controversial square headlights. CYLINDER HEAD EXPRESS {#30601229, 30601301, 30601303A} AMC / JEEP / EAGLE TO '88: Cylinder Heads: 1981 - 1985 LCylinder Heads: 4. 88", and de-stroked to 3. Jeep Wrangler YJ 4. 8L/4. There are two different intake manifolds for a 258. Part # 2896511-RED. I can still see cross-hatching on the cylinder walls and the top of the heads looks real clean with very little scunge. Price $79. What the 4. If you're putting a 242ci head on an earlier 258ci block (should be 7/16" screw,) you'll need to use 7/16" screws and have sleeves made to positively locate the cylinder head Jeep Rebuilt Car/Truck Engines: L6, 4. 2L Re-ring Kit + Main Bearings, 1971-1990. 2L 258 6 Cylinder By Crown Automotive Omix Cylinder Head Gasket (3. 43. 8L Engine 1976-1986 Jeep CJ w/ 4. 99 (3) 232, 258, HEI / Male Cap Type, Magnetic Trigger Style. Can start for you. This is a question for some of you engine experts. 2L ALUMINUM VALVE COVER 4. 2L/258 AMC inline 6-cylinder Cylinder Head Fasteners and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! $15 Off $299 / $25 Off $499 / $50 Off $799 / $100 Off $1599 - Use Promo Code: CYBER Jeep 258 Cylinder hp 2. M. 2L & 258 ENGINE. 0-liter engine exhaust port locations, but must be used with the 1991-1998 factory Jul 22, 2002 · One thought on “ AMC Cylinder Head Reconditioning ” Amanda Drew March 31, 2018 at 7:06 pm. 2 Feb 19, 2002 · I am taking the head off of my 258 tonight. Jeep 258 87 COMP ENGINE VIN C. This engine was turnin JEEP > 1983 > CJ7 > 4. Car & Truck Cylinder Head & Valve Cover Gaskets for Jeep, Cylinder Head & Valve Cover Gaskets Cylinder Head Gaskets DESCRIPTION ENG KIT SET HEAD SET LOWER SET AMERICAN MOTORS/JEEP PRODUCTS 242-4. the hardest part is lifting the heavy head off and out of the engine bay. Add to Cart. 38. 0L inline six-cylinder engines is topical at the magazine’s forums—and across the internet! In this vlog, Moses Ludel talks in depth about checking and setting valve clearance on 1964-2006 AMC and Jeep inline sixes. 0L 6 Cyl. . 0 head on it, but thats another story. Edelbrock Jeep 4 0l Cylinder Head Engine Builder Magazine . For the HO version, the factory updated the design of the intake, cylinder head Amc Jeep Ihc 199 232 3. O Conversion Cylinder Head Search Ebay using this info. 4L Chrysler HEMI Gen III 61119 model part # EDL-61119. SHORT CRANK SNOUT 2. Get a Great Set of Jeep Cylinder Heads Today. 0L, the 4. 2L inline-six engine Find JEEP 4. sender and 7/16" head bolts. It fits the 1991-2006 4. 0L. It seems like it would take a lot of time to actually recondition a cylinder head. i. 2L engine Edelbrock 2132 Performer Plus Camshaft with Lifters. 2L L6. The 1971 "J" Series was the first to receive an AMC engine (the 304), replacing the very capable and benchmark Buick Small Block V8. A - 199/1V, 70 A - 258/1V, 71-79 B - 258/1V low compression (Jeep only), 71-74 C - 258/2V, 76-89 E - 232/1V, 70-79 F - 232/1V low compression (Jeep only), 71-74 Head Casting Crank Kit No. 3. 83. Car & Truck Cylinder Head & Valve Cover Gaskets for Jeep, Cylinder Head & Valve Cover Gaskets Oct 25, 2013 · AMC/ JEEP 258 4. It is said to be a 258 ci AMC straight-six with two cylinders lopped off, bored to 3. 4. 75 Wrangler, Alum Valve Cover, Crank Neck is 2. 2L SKU: 17446. 5L and 4. All valve springs are replaced or verified with computer controlled testing equipment. 3L 64-90 Vc Cylinder Head Gasket. 75 Wrangler, Alum Valve Cover, Amc Jeep Ihc 199 232 3. We sell new or remanufactured automotive parts for anything you need. 0L comes in 3 different flavors, the early (pre ’91) era 4. 2L (258) 6 cylinders with an electronic carburetor referred to as the BBD. 03 After having doing this swap, all I can say is this is one of the best things I have done to my Jeep. 2 Ohv 258 6cyl Cylinder Head 82-89 Rebuilt No Core Jeep 4. 0L block bored, honed, decked and align honed Performance camshaft: (specs may change) 206/212 @ . 2L 258 $12. Our full line is inexpensive and cheaper than our competitors, but the quality is just as good as the OEM parts! We have a full line of lift kits and an endless supply of accessories for Jeeps of all years. 8L 232 or 4. 750" in length and is manufactured from 356-T6 heat treated aluminum alloy. Mar 16, 2020 · 4. 1L, 6. 0L (91-92) Car and Jeep Vin S 36-9076PT1 258-4. Promar Engine's quality control is second to none. The cast-iron block featured seven main bearings and was very durable. 2L 258 6 Cylinder Engine & 1974-81 Jeep CJ with 5. AMX, Javelin, Indy heads, performance parts, Jeep, Trendsetters, AMC parts, N. Have equipment to load your truck or trailer. 95 J3242855 Exhaust Manifold Gasket Set, 1965-1986 Jeep Wagoneer, Cherokee SJ, J-Series Truck 3. Estimated to ship direct from manufacturer on 11/03/21, pending manufacturer availability. Prix Welkit. Jul 29, 2006 · 22,893. 2L Cylinder Head JEEP $90 ( ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. This item has an added core charge. 56. (0) Your Price: $272. Only the crankshaft and rods change between the 258 and 232. 00 int 1. Car & Truck Cylinder Head & Valve Cover Gaskets for Jeep, Cylinder Head & Valve Cover Gaskets Engine Cylinder Head Gasket; 72-80 Jeep CJ, 3. Will I really notice a difference? Amc Jeep Ihc 199 232 3. brought to the table was a better head, better fuel injection and a much bigger bore. 95 ( J3242855 ) Exhaust Manifold Gasket, 1972-1986 Jeep CJ Models w/ 4. The adapter plate is . 0L, fits 1972-74 Jeep CJ-5, 1972-74 CJ-6 Mar 08, 2008 · The drawing is meant to show the misalignment of the bolt holes using a stock Jeep cylinder head as a reference. soft-top body and Line-6 4235 cm3 / 258. I am eventually going to put a Howell Injection on Granny 2 if/when I ever get her finished. 0L HO version, and the current version found in the TJ. 0L cylinder head on your older Jeep 4. 0 is one of AMC's best-known engines. 24. 0L H. 44in. Jeep 4 0 4 6 Stroker Cylinder Head Top End Kit Assembly . My valve cover is aluminum. lbs. the 258 has a stamp between #2 and # 3 cylinders (on the spark plug side)the 4th digit is either an --a--b--c--m. Block #444, Head #002, Crank #477 snout 2. 232. 8L and 4. 2L (232 & 258 cid) inline 6 with 4. 570 fully ported hp spring retianers keepers best head on market 40 hp upgrade All Jeeps 258 from 78-89 ( 1744604 ) Cylinder Head Gasket Fits: 1976-90 CJ/Wrangler W/ 6 Cylinder AMC 199, 232, 258 by Preferred Vendor $17. I ran an Offy Dual Port with a 390 cfm Holley on mine with a Crane 260-2NC cam, really ran strong. In 1976, the 258 became the base option and the 232 was discontinued. 3, 3. 5-2002). 2 Intake Manifold Yj Cj5 Cj7 Cj8 2 Barrel Aluminum Amc 258 Ef3237858 Carb Amc Jeep Ihc 199 232 3. 0 head onto the 258, 50 easy horses. View All Jeep Rebuilt Engine. The 1-barrel engines came with the Carter YF carburetor, and the 2-barrel engines came with the Carter BBD. 95 3242395 Push Rod, 1981-1990 6 Cylinder 258 Engine, Jeep Wagoneer, Cherokee, J-Series Truck Amc Jeep Ihc 199 232 3. 0L is basically a hot rod 258, despite its smaller displacement. $335. May 09, 2012 · Swap a late 4. L6, 4. 0/4. 0-liter inline six cylinder engines. 1999-06. Car & Truck Cylinder Head & Valve Cover Gaskets for Jeep, Cylinder Head & Valve Cover Gaskets RHS® Pro Elite™ CNC-Port 6-Bolt Cylinder Heads for GM LS3 Engines. ,1981-86 258/4. 0L, but without going hungry for a few months. Car & Truck Cylinder Head & Valve Cover Gaskets for Jeep, Cylinder Head & Valve Cover Gaskets Jul 30, 2021 · In the last few years of the CJ series and the first few years of the Wrangler YJ Jeep outfitted the 4. Fits 1997 to 2006 TJ Wrangler, Rubicon and Unlimited with 2. Nov 01, 2005 · AMC 258 Engine Build-up: Jeep : Just got my cam from the jest coast. One of the great things about it is, it is extremely simple. The inline 6 is also one of Promar's most popular engines. C. As you can see in the pictures, injectors and glow plugs are not included. Google 4. 8L & 4. Jeep 4. However, it pays to remember your vehicle's series started way back in model year 1987. 5l 4 cylinder engine, 1981-1986 with 4. Jeep Parts Guy. Car & Truck Cylinder Head & Valve Cover Gaskets for Jeep, Cylinder Head & Valve Cover Gaskets Cylinder Head, 1987-90 Jeep Wrangler with 4. Car & Truck Cylinder Head & Valve Cover Gaskets for Jeep, Cylinder Head & Valve Cover Gaskets 258 jeep engine block Jeep 4x4 Performance Handbook, 3rd Edition In this fully updated third edition of Jeep 4x4 Performance Handbook, Jeep experts Jim Allen and James Weber give you all the information and expertise you need to build and drive your ultimate Jeep without breaking the bank. Loads of information in this manual. 0L engines; Fits 1987 to 1995 YJ Wrangler, all engines; Fits 1981 to1986 CJ with 4. 2L (81-90 Crown [ J3204585 ] Ignition condenser, fits 1972-74 Jeep CJ with 232 or 258 6 cylinder engines $3. 2L 6 cylinder engine $5. The 258 I6 engine was always carbureted from the factory. Feb 07, 2018 · Vehicle (s) cj7. 99 OMIX [ 1724202 ] Ignition Condenser, Distributor Rotor, AMC 5. 3) , model year 1975, version for North America U. manufactured by Jeep in United States ; 2-door Home Shop Cylinder Heads Domestic JEEP CJ5 n/a 1979-1975 Engine Cylinder Head JEEP CJ5 n/a 1979-1975 Engine Cylinder Head CJ5, CJ6, CJ7, Cherokee, DJ5, J10, J20, OHV, 12 Valves, Carb, Naturally Aspirated, Gas, Complete with Valves & Springs, Temp. 04 Price $17. 2 L, 258 CID Cylinder Head. Factory style replacement 4. View All Jeep Cylinder Head. External Ignition Box Required: No. Complete shop manual with easy, step by step instructions for the DIY mechanic or professional technician to help maintain, repair or restore the Jeep 232 CID and 258 CID Six Cylinder Engines. 95 . $65. $161. Car & Truck Cylinder Head & Valve Cover Gaskets for Jeep, Cylinder Head & Valve Cover Gaskets Oct 28, 2021 · Used Cylinder Head Assembly - Casting number 3170717-1 as factory-installed on '64 thru '74 A. 2L, and 6. 460/476 lift 113 lobe center New performance cam bearings Match weight balanced rotating assembly with balancer Reground crankshaft Resized rods with ARP® rod bolts New performance bearings Performance pistons with… The following article overviews a project to build a stroker engine out of the Jeep 4. Camshaft Oil Seal Not Included. Jeep took the 258 platform and improved it with fuel injection, better head design, a header, a different cam, larger cylinder bore, and shortened stroke. 0 . 050 . Speedway Motors HEI Distributor, AMC/Jeep 232-258, Red. 05. Car & Truck Cylinder Head & Valve Cover Gaskets for Jeep, Cylinder Head & Valve Cover Gaskets Specs datasheet with technical data and performance data plus an analysis of the direct market competition of Jeep CJ-5 258 Six 4-speed in 1975, the model with 2-door open off-road, opt. In production terms, Buick V6 & V8 engines had pushed Kaiser Jeep into the muscle era in the mid-60's, and AMC picked up on this immediately when they purchased the Jeep line from Kaiser in 1970. Right now I am out of camshafts, and I don’t expect any until September 2021. PLEASE AVOID asking vague questions or quoting the title verbatim in a text -- GO AWAY SCAMMERS! O 3227329 Push Rod, 1977-1980 Jeep 6 cylinder 258, 1977 models with temp. 4L Engine Cylinder Head Bolt Set HB287 -258 TREperformance sells new Edelbrock 202cc Eliminator 202 cc aluminum cylinder heads from Edelbrock for almost any Chrysler vehicle including the 6. JEEP > 1981 > CJ5 > 4. Cylinder Head Part#: H1000 : Head Casting# or Visual ID#: 3199842, 3220411, 3190079, 3196921, 3196922, 3199824, 321472, 3214725, Amc Jeep Ihc 199 232 3. BRAND NEW HEI Distributor get rid of all the computer junk! 138k miles. 2 - $225. Sort your results by clicking an individual column header if needed. Find JEEP 4. I'm replacing the head gasket on the AMC 258 and plan to buy new cylinder head bolts. $34. 8 & 4. Out and ready to load. 3) specs. After the sale, we will send you a separate invoice for the mandatory core charge. 2L/258 AMC inline 6-cylinder Cylinder Heads and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! ATK Engines Remanufactured Cylinder Head for 1970-1974 AMC/International/Jeep with 232ci/3. High Energy Timing Set for Jeep/AMC 199-258 4. Price: No parts for vehicles in selected markets. Cylinder Head Bolt Kit for Jeep 3. Amc Jeep Chrysler 258 4 0 H O Upgrade Conversion . 2L 258cid L6 > Engine > Cylinder Head. It will also fit 1991-1998 4. a and b came with a 1 bbl carb (the cam in these are different than ones that came with a 2 bbl) c and m came with a 2 bbl carb AMC 258 4. 2 L, 258 CID Cylinder Head Cylinder Head Gasket (3. 2L: Cubic Inch: 258: VIN Code: C: Engine Description: 6-OHV, AMC CARB. 8L Engine Oil DipStick & Tube, 1972-81 Jeep 232 & 258 Six Cylinder Engine (NEW) Cylinder heads are remanufactured (not rebuilt) and include new valve stem seals and soft plugs. 0 TUPY Improved Cylinder Head $200 Jeep 4 0 Ls Converted Competition Cylinder Head . 00 Jeep 4. Camshafts are verified for profile and base circle run out and polished with "Q-Pac" automated tape polishing technology for all OHC applications. sending unit in rear of head $4. The 232 was not the first I6 installed into a Jeep. Casting Location: 6 Cyl. The 242ci head accepts a 1/2"-13 screw. 100". Free Shipping. My question is, is it really worth the extra cash? A head from the junk yard is $125, reworking it is $135, exhaust is $125+. 98-07 Beetle, 99-05 Golf , 99-06 Jetta. 99 Crown [ 3206696 ] Oil Pan Plug, 1972-84 Jeep CJ with 4. Engine Valve Cover; 81-87 Jeep CJ/Wrangler YJ,258 CID SKU: 17401. New Complete Cylinder Head for ALH TDI Engines. 48", Plastic Valve cover, More Jeep Cylinder Heads. 2 litre) was fitted in CJ Jeeps in 1972. Project Cherokeeper Blown Head Gasket Time To Rebuild The Jeep 4 0 Engine Top End Dan Nix . The fourth character is the engine code. The head's chamber and port design were later used with the perennial favorite Jeep engine, the 4. 99. 2L 258 6 cylinder engine parts for your 1987-95 YJ Wrangler. The 258's power numbers were 150 hp and 240 ft. Purchase directly online from Clearwater Cylinder Heads. Jeep CJ-5 258 Six (man. 1-16 of 330 results for "258 Jeep Engine Performance Parts". I guess I could rebuild my 258, then put the 4. The common point for each of the head bolt patterns is the center line of the top right bolt hole in the picture. 0L 258 4. 115,568 miles with two owners, the last of which owned it for 36 years. Complete carb to oil pan less flywheel. We sell new or remanufactured automotive parts for anything you need. Car & Truck Cylinder Head & Valve Cover Gaskets for Jeep, Cylinder Head & Valve Cover Gaskets Jeep 232 CID and 258 CID Six Cylinder Engine Rebuild Manual. 0 4. Uses rear temp. Cylinder Head Bolt. HEI High Performance Ignition Distributor for Jeep Straight 6 232 3. 0 Engines - How to Rebuild and Modify The 258 has a cast iron block and cylinder head, hydraulic lifters (with non-adjustable rockers), 7 main bearings, and cast iron crankshaft and rods. Jeep Amc Eagle Wrangler 4. Part # 17473. 4 cui, 82 kW / 112 PS / 110 hp (SAE net) of power, 264 Nm / 195 lb-ft of torque, 4-speed manual powertrain for North America U. 0L Head Swap on a Jeep 258 4. jcwhitty is offline Quote Quick Reply post #6 of 13 Old 12-17-2008, 12:15 PM Jul 31, 2008 · There is a code stamped on a flat on the block near the block/head parting line between cylinders #2 and #3 on the right side (spark plug side). O. Shop Now. 5L fours and 232/258 and 4. 8L 258 4. Home of the most powerful inline Jeep engine in the world! Second to none! 692 hp 780 ft pounds of torque. 0L Straight-6. CYLINDER HEAD EXPRESS {#30601229, 30601301, 30601303A} JEEP AMC 258 4. jeep 258 cylinder head

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