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Current scrap metal price list

current scrap metal price list They will use this weight to give you an estimate. Please call to get a current price that is unique to your situation. Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00 - Sat. Nov 20, 2021 · Scrap Metal Industry News. gov. Oct 29, 2021 · Current Scrap Metal Prices for a Wide Variety MRES Scrap is the one-stop-shop for responsible metal recycling because we offer fair rates for various weights and metals. 82 - $1. * ONLY Steel & Iron Purchases – Require 500lb. Price Per Pound. 53 10-10 Extrusion $0. With PSC Metals, it literally pays to be green. CALL US NOW. In some cases, the prices depend on the item the metal comes from. 25/1/2021 · Metal Price List. Fastmarkets MB has produced independent assessments of non-ferrous metal prices, steel prices and scrap prices for many decades since it was established in 1913. Nov 16, 2021 · If you have any questions or need a quote for material not listed on our daily published prices, please contact us or call (774) 319-5420. For items not on this list, contact us for current pricing. cities listed. 47 - $3. Yaffe Iron & Metal Co. *All prices are per pound. Find local scrap metal pricing at your closest scrap yard. Looking For Scrap Steel Prices Per KG in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and throughout Australia. Nov 15, 2021 · Login Here. Again, they have to make money too but that does not mean that you should accept $0. 91. 100 LB #1 INSUL COPPER – 65% SCALE 1. Lead. As the top scrap metal company, we constantly monitor metal market rates, both in the United States and internationally. 45 Old Sheet $0. Prices may vary due to quality, quantify, your location and commodity market volatility. 33 a pound, while aluminum wheels may fetch up to $0. Click the following US Metal prices for detailed price with advanced graph and historic index of US Metal prices. These data are initial estimates and are subject to future adjustments that will be reflected in subsequent notices. Aluminum cans may only cost $0. Aug 03, 2021 · Calculate your payment with Merrillville Metal Recycling's scrap price calculator. 8/11/2021 · South Korea import scrap demand wanes amid falling local market, Japan price. SCRAP ACCEPTANCE POLICY ISR has general policies in place for Commercial/Dealer, and Walk-in Suppliers of scrap metal. #1 Copper Tubing / Bus Bar. We provide you with more than 1,400 scrap metal prices and more than 200 recovered paper prices from over 40 different regions. com provides a monthly guide to scrap metal prices in the sector, drawing on input from a range of businesses in the scrap metal ScrapMonster has become North America's largest scrap trading platform with 92,006 members and the trusted source for scrap prices, news, and information. If you have questions about our scrap metal pricing or want more recyclable material information, feel free to call or email our staff. **Last Updated On 11/18/2021** Steel Recycling: Sheet Iron/Shredder feed: $200/GT. 49: 0: Spot Silver : 24. Steel Radiators - $1. Prices are guaranteed for the day listed. 19%: 24. Tables and rates are based on our daily price updates. With the most current market reflective prices, historical trends, future outlooks and hedging opportunities, you can Current Market Prices Market Trend Data Scrap Metal Prices Scrap Plastics Prices WastePaper Prices Curbside Recyclables Prices Scrap Electronics Prices Scrap Glass & Recycled Minerals Prices Automotive Recycling Prices Tire & Rubber Yaffe Iron & Metal Co. 50 Dirty Aluminum/Copper Radiators $0. 65 - $2. Bare Bright Copper Wire. 00 a pound. Wichita Material Recovery is Wichita's most efficient scrap metal recycler. 41-43¢ Irony/dirty scrap aluminum: 10-15¢ Extrusion, solids / clips, rims / wheels, litho sheet Global Scrap Metal Prices. The types of scrap metal you can sell for top current prices per pound include Scrap Copper, Steel, Aluminium, Lead, Iron, Bronze Nickel, Tin, Zinc etc. Metal Price per Pound; Bare Bright Copper >99%: $2. Nov 03, 2021 · Here is the list of metals we accept and average metal scrap prices per pound. 4855 The trusted resource for metals prices and news covering the steel, scrap metal, aluminum, stainless steel, copper and many other metals markets. Now that you understand the value of your scrap metal you should be able to figure out if the scrap metal prices localscrap yards in Ohio are offering are competitive or not. 20/lb. Call Mike at 224-293-6592 or request a quote online now! Scrap metal prices are derived using the commodity market spot or three month posted Customer payments are made in cash by our Smart ATM on premises, or by cheque if preferred. Both ferrous and non ferrous metal wanted in Florida. Start your 7 day free trial to Fastmarkets MB today >> View over 950 global steel and metals reference prices Nov 01, 2021 · Current Market Prices – A reflection of scrap prices on the commodity exchanges. *Top Prices Paid for Non-Ferrous when bringing in 50+ pounds! We pay cash or check on the spot. COPPER. Join Today! Join Today! Register Free Today! Nov 03, 2021 · CURRENT LIST OF ALL METAL PRICES AS OF 10/11/2021 Ticket Description PrList Price U/M #1 COPPER SCALE 3. That’s because cars, even the smallest ones weigh at least one ton or more. Please note that most sources for free scrap metal prices contain pricing information that is a few weeks or a few months old. $3. Aluminum scrap values are derived from the American Metal Market publication. 10. Price, $ / lb. Clean unalloyed copper solids. With our helpful blog and articles, you can learn more about the scrap metal industry. FREETOWN & WESTPORT YARD SCAP METAL PRICING (Call For Pricing At Our Other Yards: 508-636-2780) CHARLTON SCRAP YARD PRICING: CASH FOR JUNK CARS. Oct 22, 2021 · Prices are updated weekly - Prices are subject to change based on daily market values. For more data, Barchart Premier members can download historical Intraday, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly data on the Steel Scrap Historical Download tab, and can download additional underlying chart data and study values using the Interactive Charts. Base metals prices are driving impactful decisions within your organization. 700 LB #1 INSUL COPPER – 85% SCALE 2. letsrecycle. No. ca. Explore the full list of scrap prices in each non-ferrous category and visit the exchange data page to understand the unique value 19/11/2021 · Some websites publish current scrap metal prices. A likely decline in the South Korea domestic steel scrap price and lower Japan export and local prices has resulted in a drop in buying interest in South Korea in Published on November 12, 2021 12:08 PM Scrap metal prices are constantly vary based on current market prices. In general, scrap metal prices differ based on material and your location. Spot Metals; Metal Price Chg %Chg Open High Low Vol; Spot Gold : 1,858. Nov 19, 2021 · One website offers prices for scrap copper, steel, aluminum and other metals. Pennsylvania state law requires a current photo state ID or a current photo driver's license for any transaction over $100. Listed prices for Palladium, Platinum, Rhodium and Ruthenium plus 9ct - 22ct gold scrap prices and silver prices. com. Aluminum 3003. Contact us. Prices updated on 11/15/2021. 43. Servicing Merrillville, Hobart, and Crown Point, Indiana. 24 - $2. Louis,MO. Prices are negotiable based on quantity. $0. Please call for the most up to date prices. Address: 8702 E. 07%: 1,859. Scrap Metal Prices. They can give estimated value of listed metals, however, we always reserve the right to Yaffe Iron & Metal Co. (781)581-7000. 38¢ over 100 lbs. "High Price" indicates the average for the highest prices paid by all scrap yards in U. 01 Aluminum Breakage $0. Industrial Demand –Industries such as technology, construction, and automotive use scrap metal. Nov 15, 2021 · PRICE LIST PRICE LIST. 1 grams. Scrap Metal Prices at Greenblott Metal Co. Your converter will be graded and assigned to a price category by our buyers We are a well-established local scrap metal and electronics recycler in Central Michigan that buys steel, old vehicles, copper, aluminum, brass, batteries, and other recyclable materials. 000 LB #1 INSUL COPPER – 50% SCALE 1. These prices serve as an indication and are subject to change upon inspection of material and. Current Price is the pledge of successfull deals. 30 Old Cast $0. "Average Price" indicates the average price paid by all scrap yards in U. Aluminum 1100. 80-$4. These prices are current as of today’s date, are subject to change, at any time due to outstanding market conditions, and also are not held based on any human errors when updating online. Scrap Prices for Steel per Pound in Illinois Nov 19, 2021 · Scrap Aluminum Prices per Pound in Nebraska. The current price of scrap gold can vary greatly from day to day and depends on the purity, which is measured in carats. Scrap Copper Prices in Colorado, Denver. 01 per pound Quantities of SHORT STEEL/CAST/DIRTY MOTORS weighing LESS THAN 100 LBS will be paid at the rate of $0. May include clean, oxidized or coated (plated) copper clippings, punchings, bus bars, commutator segments, clean oxidized copper pipe or tubing free of excessive solder and light gauge clean, oxidized or coated (plated) copper wire but free of fine gauge hair wire. Get live global scrap metals prices, check out buy and sell offers from over 40,000 registered scrap companies and find out the right scrapyards! Get on to scrapregister. The fastest way to obtain current pricing is to contact us for a price quote. The type of material that you have will depend on the price per pound you receive. 66: 1,863. Call 301-424-3000 for a quote or come see us at 15000 Southlawn Lane, Rockville, MD. under 25 lbs. Please enter your email address below to start a free trial to access this powerful metals pricing tool. 24. This means the spot price that you might receive for your scrap metals today could be very different tomorrow. 82. Within the trade the quality of material presented and the volumes may influence the prices paid. On the day you bring a load of scrap metal to us, we know the up-to-date market prices. Here at Scrap Metal Buyers, specialize in industrial metals, high temperature alloys, ferrous, non-ferrous scrap metal, and all types Quantities of TIN & SCRAP STEEL weighing LESS THAN 100 LBS will be paid at the rate of $0. The Scrap Metal Prices on our site are updated daily at 08. in August 2011. NON-FERROUS SCRAP METAL PRICING. Morristown Iron and Metal is committed to serving people, communities and corporations by recycling scrap metal with integrity, honesty and safe operating practices. With that said, even though the current scrap prices that you see here are what each metal is being bought and sold for on the commodities market, scrap yards will offer you slightly less for your scrap. 20 EC Wire $0. These are price categories only. $1,804. Metal. Find out more about copper pricing. Silver and Gold Metal Prices - Latest information on precious metal and scrap prices. We will pay an additional five cents per pound for all clean non-ferrous purchases over 100 pounds of single grade materials. Meden@CalRecycle. Our suggested prices are frequently updated and follow current market trends. 24ct Gold. Closed *All Restricted Metals and Catalytic Converters must have documentation for us to buy it. All rates given at the scale are final. Nov 18, 2021 · Current Scrap Metal Prices. Shearing: $200/GT. 13 Because of this, the scrap metal prices we offer for materials varies from day to day. Jul 19, 2016 · Current Scrap Metal Prices. unless noted Used Beverage Cans $0. 01 per pound 6/9/2021 · The letsrecycle. Nickel. Scrap Metal Prices Are Based on Weight. Se Habla español. If you get a better price, chances are we can match it. 62 Painted Siding $0. $1,653. 8 - call & Sun. 06 - $0. Most people will have 14ct gold and you'll Nov 20, 2021 · Current Scrap Metal Prices Current Scrap Metal Prices At Rockaway Recycling, in Rockaway, New Jersey. You can select the date range for the desired period of time and compare to US Metal prices for the selected material. Nov 18, 2021 · Bring your metal and/or electronics to Taylor Iron & Metal in Huntington, WV for fair priced payouts or call (304) 525-6390 for more information. 83: 24. Read More Nov 19, 2021 · 22ct Gold. We know you have choices when you scrap. Scrap and Secondary Metals Price Guide. ScrapPrices. 357. 60 Clean Aluminum/Copper Radiators $1. com is the premier source for Scrap Metal Prices with over 400 daily assessments. Should-cost model, current pricing for Carbon Steel Hot-Rolled Coil A36 ASTM A1018, Cold-Rolled Coil 60 ASTM A1008, and Galvanized Coil DDS A653 G30 VIEW Carbon Steel PRICES Click Here for Current Public Scrap Metal Prices. Scrap yards in Florida buy all types of scrap metal for great prices per pound lb. $58. Column. Here you can find the current scrap metal prices being paid by scrap yards in New York USA. Current Year; Prior Years; Archived News Releases Producer Price Index - Metals and metal products; Historical data Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Steel Scrap Historical Prices. com now! Register as: Spot Prices Updated Daily. Gold prices hit an all-time high of $1,900/oz. Stainless Steel - $0. Be sure to join us every week for our report on the scrap metal industry and where the scrap market prices are headed. Some scrap metal buyers will buy everything you have, while others only deal in aluminum or copper or steel. C&K Metal Recycling Current Scrap Prices, Moorefield, West Virginia We pay up to $50 in cash for your scrap metal! Please Note: All rates are prone to change without notice. Ferrous. Click to call for exclusive pricing: 818. We purchase both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. These are the prices that scrap metals prices are based on – all scrap metal prices are reduced from spot prices by a large percentage because of the cost of refining, remelting, shipping, and making new metal product that will sell at spot prices. Get price list informer >> Argus provides the full range of non-ferrous coverage from scrap price assessments on UBC, zorba, taint, tweak, and twitch products, as well as exchange data (30-minute delay LME and Comex prices are standard with Argus products) and global base metal premiums. Aluminum. You can email us at info@forscrap. "Low Price" indicates the average for the lowest prices paid by all scrap yards in U. Here are some of our current prices. Be aware when selling scrap metal in Virginia, you are required by law to show full identification. Call him today with the type of material and weight, and he will be able to provide you a quote. Massey Metal Recycling, based in Chester, are Scrap Metal Merchants, Cable Recycling Specialists, buyers of Catalytic Converters and all Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals. Nov 18, 2021 · We Buy Junk Cars, Trucks & Buses, Scrap Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Tin Cans, Copper Bearing Scrap, Electric Motors, Waste Paper & All Other Scrap Metal Products This website is designed and maintained by the Public Relations and Marketing Group. Quantity Price / lb. Llame al 240-669-2525. Even though the purest gold will get you the best scrap price, it's not very common to have 24ct gold that you can scrap. 80: 1,857. Daily Metal Spot Prices. Address 2540 Old Highway 25E Morristown, TN 37813 Yaffe Iron & Metal Co. 45 Aluminum Transformers $0. $53. 35-0. Request mine. , Inc. For commercial or volume pricing, give us a call at 316-303-9303 . Oct 12, 2021 · PSC Metals is a scrap metal yard in St. US 10, Chase, MI. 35¢ over 25 lbs. Grades of Ferrous material such as Heavy Melting Steel 1 (HMS1) and Non Ferrous material such as Copper, Aluminum, and Lead each have published pricing which are used in calculations to determine the value of unprocessed scrap me Like with all other types of automobiles, current scrap car prices will depend on the junkyard as well as the day’s metal prices. Short Steel/Prepared HMS: $255/GT Cans - $0. Bin service customers are paid by cheque on a monthly basis. The precious metals surged as a consequence of Federal Reserve Quantitative Easing programs, rising inflation fears, and a spike in investment demand for physical bullion. Nov 01, 2021 · Current Market Prices – A reflection of scrap prices on the commodity exchanges. 57 - $0. Your converter will be graded and assigned to a price category by our buyers Fastmarkets MB price book contains over 950 global metal prices including steel prices and scrap prices. 05: 0. Use this form to dynamically generate a table that show metal prices in the units of your choice for the duration specified. These prices are current values for common material. We provide a range of different scrap yards for all of your different types of scrap metal across California. Updated scrap metal price list of Non-Ferrous Metals, Ferrous Metals and Electronic Waste. Both Ferrous and Non Ferrous scrap metals are commodities that are openly sold and traded on major worldwide exchanges. They are subject to change at any time due to market conditions. July 2016. 94 Scrap Market Prices , Historical prices, etc. Scrap metal prices are dictated by supply and demand, so the prices in New York can be different than the prices in Tucson. That is why we provide more than 150 base metals prices from across the globe to empower you with the most current market reflective commodity prices. These non-ferrous and ferrous metal prices and scrap prices are used widely. Metals prices include scrap iron, cans, zinc, tin, steel, bronze, copper, and mixed scrap. We pay top prices – even in low volumes. We are more than happy to assist you. 200 LB #2 BALING FE SCALE… Below you can find current scrap metal prices and lists of scrap metal items for metal recycling. Bring your recyclables to our salvage yard in Clare, MI today, and rest assured that we will give you a fair price for the items you wish to sell us. Find Historical End-of-Day Steel Scrap prices on the Price History page. This gives you the knowledge to buy and sell scrap in the most cost-effective way for your business. 01. 80 Insulated Aluminum Wire $0. Both ferrous and non ferrous metal wanted in Texas. 01 per pound Nov 19, 2021 · Precious metal prices are usually set in troy ounces. All rates are subject to change without notice. Inc. determine the value of your material. When you bring your metal to us, well turn your scrap to cash (subject to relevant scrap metal laws), making money while helping the environment through recycling. Earlier that year, silver ran up to just shy of $50/oz. For scrap metal prices sorted by metal type, see the charts below. Jul 27, 2021 · Item Price *per lb. com ferrous prices are usually revised mid-month and non-ferrous prices on a weekly basis. Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound: The price of scrap metal trades much like the stock market does. Please call us for special pricing on larger volumes or to coordinate trucking! *Pricing subject to change without notice. 292. Nov 11, 2021 · The current scrap metal prices for Ashley Metal Recycling are listed below as of the date of publication. Aluminum 356 Wheels (clean) $0. Minimum* Quantities of TIN & SCRAP STEEL weighing LESS THAN 100 LBS will be paid at the rate of $0. Our prices change daily due to market volatility - Call anytime for current daily metal prices (403) 264 - 0888. 10/lb. Were open to the public, call 314-231-6077 for all your scrap metal recycling needs. Spot prices on 23 base metals, precious metals, rare metals and materials PLUS charts and historical prices going back as far as January 2000. We provide a range of different scrap yards for all of your different types of scrap metal across New York. 600 LB #1 INSUL COPPER 75% SCALE 2. 85: 0. We have provided current scrap metal prices for the United States as well as other countries for scrap copper, steel, aluminum and other metals as well as news on the recycling market, LME, iron ore prices, and other related markets. You can enjoy highly competitive prices on all scrap metal in any quantity. 2 Scrap Copper. NOTE Prices updated as of 10/14/2021. Follow along to keep track of current scrap prices, market movements, and tips to make more money. Choose the product to follow its price. Computer recycling, e-scrap recycling or e-waste recycling is not only good for our environment, but also an easy way for you or your business to pad your pocket books! These prices are for processed material ONLY! Dedcutions will be made for unprocessed or unsorted material! Some of them carry extra value, therefore, we always advice to contact our experienced staff members to get current estimation on your scrap material. One troy ounce (Oz) is equal to around 31. Lastly choose the number of days to show in your table. One website offers prices for scrap copper, steel, aluminum and other metals. Be aware when selling scrap metal in Washington, you are required by law to show full identification. . Although scrap copper, aluminum and steel prices vary, our sales team always knows the current rates. Nov 08, 2021 · South Korea import scrap demand wanes amid falling local market, Japan price. Phone: (231) 832-2955. 00. You can update your prices in member area "My listings" Get Price Lists Informer for your website. Argus Metal Prices provides context and intelligence to European domestic scrap markets to help steel mills, scrap suppliers, buyers and industrial manufacturers gain a greater understanding of the markets in which they operate. FIND A SADOFF IRON & METAL RECYCLING LOCATION NEAR YOU OR CALL FOR DAILY PRICE CONFIRMATION. 90-$4. Nov 03, 2021 · Current Scrap Prices. Historic US Metal prices with graph is available based on your membership plans at RIM. changes in the market. Prices listed above are updated daily. Here you can find the current scrap metal prices being paid by scrap yards in California USA. for your scrap aluminum, copper, brass, lead, monel, titanium, tin and more! Prices subject to change. There are many variables that may affect the value of your scrap metal. Please call us at (313) 366-6311 for up-to-date pricing on these and all other commodities. Search thousands of prices with Price Tracker, then download, print, chart, and view the history of our price assessments for your analysis. 03-1. We have the current scrap metal prices in New York and the USA. When trying to determine scrap metal prices in Austin, we are your best resource. All ferrous scrap metal is processed, graded, and priced per gross ton (GT=2,240 lbs) Scrap yards in Texas buy all types of scrap metal for great prices per pound lb. NEW We've added 7 new metals and materials including: Uranium, Neodymium, Lithium, Gallium, Indium, Tellurium and Steel Rebar! Yaffe Iron & Metal Co. Fastmarkets AMM publishes more than 1,200 proprietary metal prices including established benchmark prices trusted and used across the metals supply chain. Our scrap steel prices prices are competitive and our service is honest, both of which are available to residential and commercial clients. Clean Brass - $2. Mar 12, 2021 · To find the current scrap car prices 2021, check out current metal market trends. 30. For aluminum, the price is different if it comes from extrusions, cans, siding, and wheels. Scrap Metal Price Per Pound/Kg Check Today's Metal Prices Per Pound/Kg on our homepage. Argus produces over 50 European scrap prices assessments, including: German domestic ferrous scrap prices. When the demand for various metals is high in these industries, the prices increase, and vice versa. 219. 50 a pound. Simply select a metal and a unit to display the price. All Scrap Metal Prices Updated as of January, 2021. 617-387-1188. If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact Brenda Meden at (916) 205-2588 or Brenda. If metals like aluminum and steel are selling high, you can expect a better offer for your vehicle. 15. Lead - $0. Call ahead to confirm pricing prior to shipment. . These prices are backed by our auditable and comprehensive methodologies, with specifications that are industry standard. The Price of Scrap Copper, Aluminium, Steel, Lead, Iron and all other metals changes daily. If you want to sell scrap Steel for the best price per KG/Kilo/Kilogram in your area check our steel price per kg calculator below to reveal the true value of your scrap steel. 7581 - San Fernando valley or 866. 88. Copper. 30am. Most junkyards measure junk vehicles in tons instead of scrap car prices per pound. Today's scrap prices for silver, palladium and platinum. Please call us for the most accurate daily scrap prices: (304) 489-2338, or stop in to our site at 119 Commercial Street in Mineral Wells. We have the current scrap metal prices in California and the USA. 50 a pound for copper if it is worth more than $3. Since 2009, our team of analysts' research and collect transactional prices from over one hundred North American, European and Asian companies, including dealers, brokers and exporters, and make them available for your benefit. A likely decline in the South Korea domestic steel scrap price and lower Japan export and local prices has resulted in a drop in buying interest in South Korea in Published on November 12, 2021 12:08 PM Price of Scrap Metal | Current Prices | Solomon Metals Corporation. 93: Copper 1 Scrap Metal Pricing Per Pound. S. Some metals are priced by the ton. 56SCRAP - Los Angeles. The market value of all metals is based on weight. Updated daily. current scrap metal price list

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